Any female who has taken a hit to the breasts knows it hurts! That’s unlikely to stop females from participating in contact sports, but it’s nice to know you can be confident about this part of your body by wearing breast protection.  Learn more about what consequences of getting hit in the chest and breast.

What are the options?

Essentially there are two protection options for women, with one being full chest protection including ribs and sternum, and the other being protection for the breasts only. What you choose depends on any rules regarding breast or chest protection in your sport that may require one or other option, or personal preference if there is no rule requirement (Learn more on our recommendations for your sport).


How does the protection work?

Within these options there are a number of styles the actual protector may take, from a shaped plastic protector “shell” that is fastened with elastic straps much like a bra, to protectors over the chest or breasts that are part of a bra like garment. The later style basically replaces your sports bra with a protective sports bra, and this style is the most popular.


Modern breast protection products are undetectable under clothing, but can massively enhance confidence and enjoyment in your sport.  As with any protection item, look for a reputable brand, evidence of standards of protection being met, and good quality construction. You don't want sharp edges or poor quality sewing and seams that could make the product uncomfortable.

The good news is that quality breast protection only costs about the same as a decent sports bra, so you may as well know you are protected and enjoy your sport with confidence!

Learn more about breast and chest protection for combat and contact sports

Full chest protection:  MaxiGuard or EconoGuard 

Breast protection:  CoolGuard 

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