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Chest and breast protection for athletes who want the best

Protective products for Martial ArtsFencing, combat sports like Boxing, team sports like Soccer and Roller Derby, and much more. 

40% of women experience breast injuries

Don't hesitate when you compete - protect your chest with a range of strong and comfortable upper body, full chest or breast only protection.

We know it works

We design and rigorously test every chest protector to withstand the most intense forces.


We've designed and built chest protection since the 1970's. We take it pretty seriously.

We meet the highest quality standards

Our Customers ARE SAYING

With my chest protector I can now just use my chest to rebound the ball to my feet and keep playing on

I just feel more confident now that I don't have to worry about that part of my body anymore

It supports and protects.  I don't play without it.

The best chest protector for training I could ever have. It is great for jogging, Goshin Do, Judo, full running, jumping, and is fantastic when I'm grappling and doing self defense moves. 

I don't even know I've got it on until another student accidentally elbows or hits me in the chest. Then I am sure glad that I have been wearing it all along