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Chest and breast protection for athletes who want the best
MaxiGuard | Econoguard | Foil guard
Chest protector

A full chest plate design, lightweight and flexible for all types of activity offers our highest level of protection. You’ll feel unbreakable wearing it. 

Use our integrated sports bra (MaxiGuard) or layer it on top of your sports bra (EconoGuard). Fencers add the Foil Guard as a top layer.

Breast Protector

A sports bra with two types of protective inserts, depending on the types of knocks you’re getting.  So discrete to wear your competitors will never know.  High support and breasts can move independently.

BodyGuard and BodyGuard Women
Upper body protection

Protect the front and sides of the upper body with a lightweight body vest, both men and women's versions for anatomical fit. 

Layer up to get the ultimate protection by using a chest or breast protector underneath.

MasterGuard | BodyGuard
Men's Chest Protection

Compete harder by wearing a chest plate style protector (MasterGuard) or upper and side body protection (BodyGuard).  





QP Sport protectors are used in a wide range of sports: Martial Arts, Fencing, Karate, Boxing, Krav Maga, Soccer, Rugby, Roller Derby, Kick boxing, HEMA, Basketball, Kung Fu, Goalball, and much more. 

For athletes who want the best.

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We've designed and built chest protection since the 1970's. Specially designed protectors are incredibly strong while lightweight, flexible and comfortable. So thin and discreet your competitors won't know you’re practically invincible.

We meet the highest quality standards

Our Customers ARE SAYING

I just feel more confident now that I don't have to worry about that part of my body anymore

Evie Y. (USA)

My MaxiGuard simply prevents painful injury, and it's lasted years already.

MaxiGuard for HEMA
Rose F. (USA)

It supports and protects.  I don't play without it.

Zoe C. (Australia)

The MaxiGuard is like a bra but bigger. Offers great protection.

Chantelle M. (NZ - Elite Fencer)

The best chest protector for training I could ever have. It is great for jogging, Goshin Do, Judo, full running, jumping, and is fantastic when I'm grappling and doing self defense moves. 

Annie C. (USA)

When someone punches you, you are literally a brick wall and it doesn't hurt at all.

Jessica V. (NZ)

My CoolGuard doesn't allow my boobs to squish but they can still move around so you don't feel like you have a Barbie torso. I always have my CoolGuard with me.

Sarah B. (USA)

My chest guard enables me to take risks and try new things at training without having to worry about being hit in the chest by others (normally, stronger, heavier males).

Bree C. (NZ)