To achieve this, we collaborate with experts, explore cutting-edge materials, and rigorously test new products. Pioneers from the start, we've been crafting chest protection since the 1970s!

  • Strong + lightweight

    Variable thickness and clever cup design for strength without holding you back, using high-quality recyclable Polyethylene plastic.

  • Breathable

    The breathable 4-way stretch fabric ensures moisture-wicking, flexibility, and breathability to maintain your chest protector's position.

  • Soft touch

    We only use premium soft touch materials and construction for maximum comfort.

  • High density

    CoolGuard Super with lightweight Polyurethane foam cups for ultimate comfort during intense sports.

Setting the standard

We've been producing chest protectors since before standards existed, and our products were used to define those standards.

Anatomically crafted

In 2010, QP Sport ventured into new territory, crafting a chest guard tailored for men and boys in WKF karate. Extensive research into the force, energy, and pressure of karate kicks and punches led to rigorous testing of various materials and designs. The outcome was the certified BodyGuard, introduced in 2014, offering wearers the essential chest protection without compromising mobility or comfort.

  • Designed in New Zealand

    Proudly created in New Plymouth, New Zealand, in collaboration with global universities for cutting-edge research.

  • Engineered elite

    Engineered for the elite karate kick. Our in-house testing equipment ensures protection against extreme forces.

See the innovation for yourself

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