• Revolutionary

    At QP Sport, we're dedicated to revolutionising the way people participate in contact sports. Our mission is clear: To eliminate concerns about chest injuries in sports.

  • Pioneering

    QP Sport is the pioneer in developing and manufacturing breast and chest protection that adheres to the highest international quality and protection standards.

  • Trusted

    Our products are designed to withstand even the most powerful karate kicks, ensuring you can compete with unwavering confidence.

A Legacy of Protection

Our journey began in 1978 when nuns from a New Plymouth girls' school sought to safeguard their students during soccer games. Collaborating with a local orthotics specialist, they birthed the first women's chest guard. In 1981, QP Sport was established to manufacture and distribute this groundbreaking product.

  • Over the years, we've evolved and expanded. While the original EconoGuard remains part of our product line, we've continued to innovate. As the 90's arrived, martial arts and fencing communities embraced our products. They became the go-to standard for chest and breast protection, meeting European CE standards.

    Our commitment to innovation led to the creation of products like MaxiGuard and CoolGuard, offering women greater choices in sports protection. In 2011, we ventured into a new market with the development of the Karate chest guard known as BodyGuard.

  • Today, our products are globally renowned and widely used across various sports, from fencing and martial arts to soccer, rugby, and roller derby. As the sole producer specialising in chest and breast protection, we've earned a dedicated following among athletes and sports experts.

    We stay at the forefront of industry trends by collaborating with our distributors and attending major karate, fencing, and martial arts events.

Our Team

We take pride in being a great work environment and keeping our team fueled by coffee, scones and passion for our product.

  • Richard Shearer

    Business owner and general manager.

  • Wendy

    Production Manager

  • Deb

    Production Technician

  • Ed

    Production Technician and Chief Rubber Band Flicker

  • Tina

    Production Technician

  • Cam

    Production Technician

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  • Designed in New Zealand

    Proudly created in New Plymouth, New Zealand, in collaboration with global universities for cutting-edge research.

  • We're passionate about sport

    We wholeheartedly back athletes and organisations, working passionately to empower them to excel with unwavering confidence.