Each sport has its own risks.

Our range of world-leading, certified chest guards offers the perfect solution for your specific needs. Whether you're into rugby, martial arts, or any other high-impact activity, we have the ideal breast or chest protection to keep you safe. Trust in our expertise and commitment to quality to ensure you stay protected while you perform at your best.

  • Martial Arts/Karate:

    For most styles either MaxiGuard or EconoGuard for full chest and breast protection. CoolGuardis great for light sparring or fitness training or heavier styles if using the new Super inserts. For non contact styles CoolGuard may offer sufficient protection with the standard plastic inserts. For WKF Karate, MaxiGuard is mandatory and the only option permitted.

  • Fencing:

    Either MaxiGuard or EconoGuard which are both certified for Fencing. Almost every Fencing supply company in Europe, America and Canada carries one or both of these guards. Also MasterGuard for men and boys.

  • Boxing:

    We recommend MaxiGuard for full chest protection especially for recreational sparring, but in competition, many women prefer to use CoolGuard with Super inserts.

  • Paintball/Skirmish:

    MaxiGuard or EconoGuard are great. Hits hurt and with this protection on, you are covered!

  • Soccer or Rugby:

    Very much a personal choice on whether you want full chest protection MaxiGuard or protection over the breasts only CoolGuard. The CoolGuard also offers better breast support than most sports bras.

  • HEMA:

    HEMA competitors typically use the MaxiGuard or EconoGuard for full chest protection.

Other sports:

The CoolGuard is designed to be worn in the many other sports where some contact to the breasts can occur and where the MaxiGuard could be too hot if the sport is of longer duration than Fencing or Martial Arts. The new Super inserts are great for all sports. Many women use CoolGuard in Basketball, Netball, or as additional protection in Hockey and Lacrosse.