QP Sport operates to a set of values that our management and staff are proud of. We thought we'd share them with you so you can get to know us better!

  1. QP Sport is a company that cares for and respects its employees. Its employees care for and respect each other in. In essence, QP Sport is a place people want to work at.
  2. QP Sport will exceed the expectations of its customers. Quality is not sacrificed in QP Sport products, and performance meets and exceeds relevant standards.
  3. QP Sport strives to be the leader in the categories in which it operates. End users of QP Sport products feel they own the best product available. QP Sport products stand for Quality and Protection.
  4. QP Sport will lead innovation and product development for its customers and end users.
  5. QP Sport cares for the environment and will continuously work to improve the environmental standards of its products, materials and practices. We will be good international citizens.
  6. QP Sport will do the right thing. We operate with integrity and honesty.