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Promote Breast/Chest Safety

Need help promoting safety within your club? We’ve got you covered. We can provide educational materials and athlete stories to spread awareness about protection options. Share them in your newsletter, website, emails, or Facebook.

Why is this important?

Because your team should compete at its best, free from worry and pain. A hit to the breasts hurts — a lot. It's a sensitive area prone to injuries like bruising, fat necrosis, and hematomas.

Beyond the physical pain, such injuries can take players out of the game, reducing their confidence and enjoyment. In a study by QP Sport and Sheffield-Hallam University, many women admitted to "sucking it up" when hit in the breast, not wanting to show pain. But just 10 minutes of distraction can impact individual and team performance.

Our research also found that only 69% of people feel comfortable discussing breast and chest pain with teammates, and just 54% with coaching staff. We aim to raise awareness and encourage open discussion to prevent injuries.