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Breast Protection Bra

  • Participate with Confidence!
  • Boxing, Karate, MMA, Martial Arts, Equestrian, Moto Cross, Rugby, Hockey or any sport when you can take a hit to your breasts
  • High impact choice for active women.
  • CE Certified, EN13277
  • New technology foam inserts for comfort, support and protection
  • Increase your participation, confidence and enjoyment in sport

Available in four bra sizes (White or Black) and five insert sizes

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Bra size inch cm Super foam inserts
S, 10 29-31" 74-78 XS, S
M, 12 32-34" 80-86 XS, S, M
L, 14 35-37" 88-96 M, L, XL
XL, 16 38-40" 97-102 L, XL

Bra available in White or Black. Inserts are white.

CoolGuard Super has passed European CE certification for use as a Martial Arts women’s chest protector. EN13277/ part 6.

CE approval is mandatory for personal protective equipment sold in Europe. Don't accept the risk of using non CE-certified chest protection.

Sizing chart

Please use our sizing chart to ensure correct product selection.

A hit to the breasts hurts!  It distracts you from your game and takes confidence and enjoyment in your sport away.  That's why we developed the CoolGuard Sports Protection Bra, so women can enjoy their sport knowing they are protected, and can focus on their performance.

Like all QP Sport products, the CoolGuard is not based on guesswork. We've researched breast impact injury and pain to design a protector that makes a difference, but doesn't restrict your performance. We've also worked with top researchers to make sure the CoolGuard is highly supportive as a sports bra.

The CoolGuard consists of a sports bra made from Tactel/ Lycra® for “cool ’n’ dry” comfort and performance. A “double panel” pocket is formed over each breast to firmly hold the ergonomically shaped foam inserts in position. Inserts are easily removed or fitted while your'e wearing the CoolGuard Bra. The inserts do not touch the wearer’s body.

CoolGuard has been proven equal to world’s top sports bras for support performance (University of Portsmouth 2008) - with protection as a bonus!.

Protection inserts - Foam

Recently introduced, the new Super CoolGuard inserts are made from foamed PUR (Poly Urethane Reaction). The inserts are reaction molded, resulting in a lightweight closed cell foam cup. The inside and flexible edge provide comfort, while the exterior provides rigidity for improved impact protection. The insert extends around under arm for added protection and to better locate the insert in position. These inserts are available in five sizes.

The complete CoolGuard Super offers protection against painful knocks in Karate, Boxing, Soccer, Basketball, Hockey, Rugby, Football, high impact Martial Arts and many other sports.

Also excellent for Jogging where breast weight and motion can cause shoulder strain. CoolGuard Super supports the breasts and holds them firmly in the natural position and shape. Most sports bras merely compress the breasts tight against the chest.

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