Women know that being hit on the breast hurts! Hits in sport can come from a wayward ball, a fall, or a knock from another player. While the pain and possible injury are one thing, the other thing is that a hit to the breasts can reduce confidence and enjoyment in your sport.

But it doesn't have to be this way! There are a number of quality breast protection products available for women and girls now, so let’s look at the best of them.

The FIRST THING is to match your sport to your protection. A Taekwondo chest protector will be no good in soccer or football, and a Boxing protector would not work for Fencing. So look for protection styles that are appropriate for your sport. All reputable breast protection brands will clearly state which sports and activities each of their products are designed for, and often there are standard product styles for a particular sport.


5. Fox R3 Women’s Roost Deflector

This is specifically designed for the female form and used in Motocross, though could be useful in any motorsport. It has room for your breasts, and is CE (European) certified as a Roost (mud and stones flung up from the rear wheel of a bike in front of you) protector. This is the best product on the market for women in MX.



4. Jen Schro

Like we said at the top, you need to use a breast protector designed for your sport. And this one is the best of its type and used in women’s Softball. Designed for fast pitch catchers, this chest and breast protector has the right level of protection in the right places.


3. QP Sport CoolGuard


QP Sport are the only brand in the world that exclusively focuses on female breast and chest protection. All their products meet CE certifications and are specifically designed for women. The CoolGuard comprises of a bra and 2 protective inserts that fit into specially provided pockets within the bra. This is a favourite for women in martial arts, boxing and also ball sports such as soccer, football and basketball, where protection for the breasts is required. There are many cheap copies of this style of breast protector available, but it is known if these copies meet certification and usually they are no cheaper to purchase at retail.

Learn more about Coolguard


2. QP Sport MaxiGuard

Specifically designed for Karate, the MaxiGuard is now the default chest protector for women in Karate and is in fact compulsory. Comprising of a protection plate that fits with a specially designed pocket on the crop top bra, this allows a mix and match selection of top size and protector (cup) size. High quality construction and moisture wicking fabric makes this protector comfortable to wear, and unnoticeable under sports clothing. Many girls call it their secret weapon and although designed for Karate, it is comfortable enough to be used in many sports from equestrian to hockey.

Learn more about MaxiGuard


1. QP Sport EconoGuard

The original women’s breast protector from this company, and most say still the best. EconoGuard is held to the body with bra like elastic straps, and usually a light tee shirt or singlet is worn underneath. With 9 sizes offered, most women can find a perfect fit. The EconoGuard is the compulsory chest and breast protector for the sport of Fencing, and clearly stands up to this task. Due to the slim fit and adjustability of EconoGuard it has been used in dozens of different sports from motor racing and roller derby to basketball and surfing! Any activity that could result in a hit or impact to your breasts.

Learn more about EconoGuard


That's a wrap…

So you've seen what we believe are the most well designed, well-made items for women’s breast protection in sports. Always check for reviews, make sure you know what others in your sport are using, as there will be a reason.

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