Over the years we’ve asked thousands of customers what kind of activity they’ll be using their QP Sport Chest Guard for. We’ve always known that we have many customers who use them for Fencing and Karate and other combat sports, but we’re fascinated by the wide array of other sports our customers engage in too.

As you might expect, combat sports and martial arts as a whole feature heavily in the list of codes (see our cool chart below). But we’re also seeing an increasing uptake in soccer (football if you’re a purist), American football, and rugby. Which is not surprising given the level of contact athletes can expect playing these sports at a competitive level. Hockey, Basketball, Baseball and even Paintball round out the list.

What sport do customers use their Chest Guards for?

We’d love to hear your stories from your chosen sport. Tell us a little about what you get up to wearing your chestguard and any close calls it may have saved you from. If we end up using your story in a website or social media post we’ll not only give you a $100 voucher for our online store, we’ll give your sports club a plug.

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