Development, design, and manufacturing

When we first started out, high-tech meant a prototype chest guard made out of oven-baked polymer clay. Now, it means moisture-wicking, breathable fabric with insertable lightweight polyethylene cups – far more comfortable and practical than the original.

QP Sport has always been at the forefront of sports protection technology.

We work with experts, research new materials, test new products thoroughly, and make sure all our products meet relevant standards for the relevant sports.

A changing range of chest protection

Our original chest protector – the EconoGuard – is now made of lightweight plastic, using modern injection moulding.

The MaxiGuard, our second major product, was launched in 1995. The first combined sports bra and chest guard, it set the standard for use in martial arts. It involves a lightweight, moulded chest piece that slots into a comfortable, flexible sports bra, offering high-performance protection without compromising on comfort.

The CoolGuard takes comfort a step further. It’s a lightweight sports bra with flexible protective cups that can be inserted or removed. The teardrop-shaped protective cups are held in place by two layers of cooling, moisture-wicking fabric. In 2004, the CoolGuard Super upped the ante with flexible foam cups for even greater protection. It’s now a favourite for women in high-intensity sports – particularly martial arts.

In 2010, QP Sports moved into a new market by creating a product for men and boys – a chest guard for WKF karate. The QP team commissioned research into the force, energy and pressure generated by karate kicks and punches, then tested a huge number of materials and designs. The resulting product – BodyGuard – was certified and launched in 2014. It gives wearers the chest protection they require, without compromising movement or comfort.

As materials and manufacturing processes change, and as research continues into sports and body movement, we will undoubtedly continue to develop new and innovative protection products – and continue to find new fans all over the world.

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