Our goal is to design the best chest protection
  • Strong
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight

To achieve this we work with experts, research new materials and test new products thoroughly. 

We’re the original

We’ve been making chest protection since the 1970’s.  Should we be flattered that copies are based on QP Sport protectors? 

Our build quality and high quality materials make QP Sport chest protection the only choice for athletes who want the best.

Our innovations

Strong yet lightweight breast guards

Variable thickness and cleverly designed cups provide strength were you need it and lightweight so it doesn’t hold you back.  We use high quality Polyethylene plastic which is lightweight and flexible yet strong enough to take the immense forces of karate.  

Many women love how well breasts are supported with QP Sport products, so much so they don’t use sports bras, just their chest or breast protector.

Used on our EconoGuard, MaxiGuard, MasterGuard and CoolGuard chest protectors. 

Breathable 4 way stretch fabrics

Moisture wicking, stretchy, breathable high quality fabrics used to hold your chest protector in place.  Used in our MaxiGuard and CoolGuard vests.

Soft touch fabrics and construction

We don’t use anything scratchy, only premium soft touch materials that feel great to wear. This goes for sewing and construction as well where we use techniques designed for maximum comfort and minimum 'scratch' like our high quality non-scratch velcro.

High density foam cups

Our CoolGuard Super uses flexible, lightweight Polyurethane foam cups to provide even greater comfort for intense forces by absorbing some of the impact. It’s now a favourite for women in high-intensity sports – particularly martial arts.

We literally set the standard

We produced chest protectors even before standards were in place.  Once personal safety became more important several sports bodies implemented product standards, and some even made protection mandatory.  QP Sport products were used to define the standards.

Designed for an elite karate kick

We’ve got our own test equipment to ensure all our products protect you from the most extreme forces.

Anatomically designed

In 2010, QP Sport moved into a new market by creating a product for men and boys – a chest guard for WKF karate. The QP team commissioned research into the force, energy and pressure generated by karate kicks and punches, then tested a huge number of materials and designs. The resulting product – BodyGuard – was certified and launched in 2014. It gives wearers the chest protection they require, without compromising movement or comfort.

In 2020 QP Sport will launch an all new BodyGuard model for women.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand

Famous for Lord of the Rings, Allbirds shoes and QP Sport Protection.  Our designers and technicians research and produce our product in New Plymouth, New Zealand.  We also collaborate with universities around the world for research, to help design products that provide the ultimate protection

What’s next?

As materials and manufacturing processes change, and as research continues into sports and body movement, we will undoubtedly continue to develop new and innovative protection products – and continue to find new fans all over the world.

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