We offer a range of chest guards – from full, rigid protection for the upper body, to flexible sports bra protectors. Choosing the right gear depends on your sport and your preferences. Take a look at the options:

EconoGuard – comfort and performance combined.

The EconoGuard is the most commonly used protector in women’s fencing, and it’s also certified for martial arts. The EconoGuard fastens to the body with elastic straps and can be worn over a t-shirt or sports bra.

MaxiGuard – lightweight protection made easy

The MaxiGuard is a specially designed bra top with a rigid protective insert for high-performance protection. It’s approved by the World Karate Federation and certified for use in fencing.

CoolGuard – cool, comfortable breast protection

The CoolGuard is a specially designed sports bra with two separate plastic cups that can be inserted and removed with the bra in place. This protector is used in martial arts, boxing, football, basketball, and other contact sports.

CoolGuard Super – light, wearable breast protection

This protector uses the same comfortable sports bra as the CoolGuard but has softer foam cups. It’s used widely in boxing, kick boxing, and other martial arts.

MasterGuard – world-leading chest protection

Designed for men and boys, MasterGuard protects the entire chest area. It’s certified for Fencing but can be used for other sports.

BodyGuard – high-performance chest protection

The BodyGuard is the best Karate protector on the market. Used by male and female athletes, it’s CE certified and approved by the World Karate Federation.

FoilGuard – extra protection, extra comfort

The FoilGuard is a soft protective layer worn over a rigid chest protector. Developed specifically for FIE, it’s mandatory for women in Foil Fencing, and  optional for male competitors.


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