BodyGuard - Women
BodyGuard - Women

BodyGuard - Women

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Karate Chest Protector for Women

The world’s first Women’s Karate Body Protector. 

Since mandatory use of Karate Body Protectors was introduced for men and women in 2011, women have had to wear a double layer of protection over the chest and breasts. This is not optimal for movement or flexibility. The new Women’s Karate BodyGuard Protector allows for the standard and trusted MaxiGuard Chest Protector to be worn as per usual, with the BodyGuard Protector over the top to allow a non-bulky fit. 

The BodyGuard-WOMEN Body Protector is a strong and ultra-lightweight body protector designed for use by women in Karate.  Crafted for flexible movement, a super comfortable fit and the strong forces in Karate.


QP Sport developed BodyGuard-WOMEN after noticing that the mandatory unisex Body Protector used in Karate was not an ideal fit for women and girls. Because the Women’s Chest Guard is also mandatory for Karate competition, there was a double up of protection which hindered movement and created bulk. So, QP Sport worked with WKF to develop the best body protection system for women in Karate.

In testing during WKF Guadalajara, Spain A Series 2018, over 90% of women who trailed the samples preferred the new women specific design.


  • Brand new design 2020, endorsed by WKF.
  • Allows maximum freedom of movement for Women in Karate.
  • Avoids double layers of protection over chest area.
  • Designed to be worn with MaxiGuard Karate Chest Guard for Women underneath.
  • Ultra-Lightweight for comfort
  • Flexible for best fit
  • Super comfort 4 way stretch texture fabric top
  • Breathable foam inside
  • Tough nylon outside
  • Non scratch Velcro closure
  • CE Certified to EN-13277/1:2000, EN-13277/3:2014, EU-2016/425


Designed specifically for use in WKF Kumite Karate competition where MaxiGuard chest protection is also compulsory equipment.

Note, QP Sport cannot sell this item with "WKF Approved" branding direct to customers.  This is the same product, just without the WKF Approved logo, so it can be used in all applications except for WKF sanctioned competitions. 


Made in 4 sizes. A Velcro closure around the waist provides adjustment for a snug fit, while the 4 way stretch textured fabric follows the line of the MaxiGuard chest protector to allow a streamlined “non bulky” fit.


To fit Under Bust (cm)

Recommended Height m (in)

S – Small

70 - 80

<1.3-1.5m (<52”-59.5”)

M – Medium

80 - 90

1.5–1.7m (59.5”-67”)

L – Large

90 - 100

1.7–1.9m (67”-74.8”)

XL – Extra Large

100 - 110

>1.9m (>74.8”)


Customer reviews

I feel more confident when I'm playing now because I don't have to worry about that part of my body anymore

The best chest protector I could ever have.

Christina Crank, USA
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