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FoilGuard Men's

FoilGuard Men's

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FoilGuard uses the highest quality materials to make it the lightest, best fitting and most comfortable soft Foil overlay available. FoilGuard is fully moulded so it fits over your plastic chest guard perfectly in a slim line look. Competing products are sewn to approximate the shape of the chest guard and look bulky in comparison. We have taken no short cuts developing this product, and the quality shows! Sleek textured fabric, soft touch no scratch velcro, perfect fit for ultimate comfort.

We supply FoilGuard to many leading fencing suppliers.

Features →

→ Utilises top-tier materials for unparalleled lightness, optimal fit, and exceptional comfort.
→ Fully moulded design ensures a seamless overlay on your plastic chest guard, achieving a sleek and slimline appearance.
→ Superior to competitors, which are sewn to approximate the chest guard shape, resulting in a bulkier look.
→ Meticulously developed without shortcuts, showcasing outstanding quality.
→ Features sleek textured fabric and soft-touch, non-scratch Velcro for ultimate comfort.
→ Perfect fit, ensuring a comfortable and streamlined experience during use.

The Why →

FoilGuard has been developed by QP Sport in conjunction with the FIE to meet FIE rulebook section m.25.4.c relating to the mandatory use of a soft chest guard overlay in Foil fencing.

Suitable For →

FoilGuard use is mandatory in FIE sanctioned Foil Fencing competition from 1 April 2018. For men, use of chest protection is optional, but if being worn in Foil, then FoilGuard is also required.

Approved By →

In collaboration with the FIE, QP Sport has crafted the FoilGuard to align with the regulations outlined in section m.25.4.c of the FIE rulebook. This design ensures compliance with the mandatory requirement for a soft chest guard overlay in Foil fencing.

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